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What is a Hero Boyfriend or Stranger, this is the guy who prays on young vulnerable girls who desperately needs a hero in her life, or someone to come in and rescue them from whatever bad things are going on in your life. These type of guys are smart, they can read you and will know exactly where, to and how to, fill the void in what is missing in a girls life. Lets say a Teen girl lives in a very abusive home, she is neglected, feels she has nobody who cares about her, pays any attention to her, she is desperate to feel loved and wanted. She goes on line one night or goes out, and finds this really sweet guy who totally understands her, pays attention to her and what she has to say, knows how she feels in whatever it is she is going through in her life. He is the guy who is comforting and caring, everything she is looking for to fill the emptyness in her life. She becomes engulfed in his friendship and can't wait to chit chat with him on line everyday. He has the right answers, starts to convince her that she should meet him in person. By now he has her convinced it's okay, she has been talking to him for weeks now, she knows him so well so it's safe to meet him, he is her friend after all...

Don't ever believe a complete stranger could ever be your hero!! If your life is complecated and you find someone to talk to about it on line thats fine but keep it on line! The moment some guy you have been talking to for a couple of weeks, even months trys to convince you to meet him, or worse go away with him, click off that conversation and don't go back to it. He has another agenda and once he physically has you, your done. Be smart, and learn how to protect yourself from these preditors, don't believe anything they say they are going to do to make your life better. Only YOU can make your life better not some guy you hardly know.

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